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About is a website for posting and reading stories!

But wait, hasn't that been done before? Is just another basic writing website?

No, of course not!
The intent behind the development of is to make a writing website with no roadbumps.
What do I mean by that? Well, many writing websites are riddled with problems:

  • Bugs
  • Confusing UI
  • Poor accessibility
  • Poor content discovery largely focused around ratings and viewcounts — those at the top stay at the top due to better discovery, causing new writers and hidden gems to be systematically stifled
  • Insufficient tags
  • No good content warning support
  • Needing to upload media in a weird format or use an insufficient text-editor built into the site
  • Authors or readers not being able to change display options for content
  • Annoying or spammy comments

Every one of these problems is a roadbump for writers and readers — none of them should exist!
In other words, exists because they do.
And I will also take feedback from the community until it's the perfect writing website. It's possible, right?

Other Fluffy Benefits

  • There will never be ads or analytics.
  • No sensitive data is collected or stored.
  • Funding is done by the community, not investors.

Where'd the name come from?

I subsist partially off of transfluff, and it's too hard to find it on other sites, and plus I'm a writer myself, so I needed a good spot to post my own transfluff. Need a site so that I and others can get their transfluff fix — obviously the site should be called Fluff. For. Me.

(Note that the site being conceived in the name of fluff does not mean that the site will only accept fluff. All works are welcome. They don't need to be trans or queer, either!)